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Packing and Moving Tips

Our main goal, if you use our company, is that when we are done you will tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers about us and use us the next time you have the occasion to use a mover. With that thought in mind, we would like to offer some helpful moving advice and suggestions:
• For fragile items, pack the heaviest articles toward the bottom of the box
• Delicate items should be placed closer to the top of the box
• Line the bottom of boxes with several layers of padding paper
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Pack flatware by placing one plate in the center of your packing paper. Grasp about 2 sheets of paper at one corner, pull over to completely cover plate, stack 2nd plate on first plate, grasp 2nd corner of your paper, pull over and cover stacked plate. Stack 3rd plate, take remaining two corners (one plate at a time) and fold each over your stack of plates. Turn wrapped stack of plates upside down onto your packing paper, re-wrap entire bundle. Start with one corner of packing paper, and pull two sheets over the bundle, cover bundle with next corner and finally the 4th. Seal bundle with tape. Place bundle in the box so the plates are standing on edge.
Cups and glasses can be nested where you place one inside the other with 3 or 4 wrapped in a bundle. Use small sheets of packing paper between each glass or each cup. We suggest trying to collect a few liquor cartons with dividers for stemware utilizing your packing paper to keep stemware snug between the dividers.
Dresser drawers usually do not need to be emptied. If you have solid wood furniture just check for anything fragile or liquid. The dresser / chests that we would suggest you empty are the antique pieces where the glue joints have dried out, furniture with thin legs and particle board furniture. Of course, also empty china chests, desks, wood and lateral file cabinets, wall units, any hutch tops and small tables with storage compartments.
On local moves, Short Moves doesn't feel it is necessary to encourage the purchase of boxes for lamps, beds, pictures, mirrors and TVs. We can protect those items with our moving pads. Boxes are a big money maker for a lot of moving companies. If you use our services, we will supply free use of wardrobe boxes on your moving day for hanging clothes. We will do all we can to help you avoid any unnecessary charges for your move.


Suggestions to help keep your costs down are:

• Move small easy items yourself (boxes, lamps, pictures, plants, bikes, garden tools, etc.)
• Complete all breakdown and setup necessary
• Breakdown beds
• Remove attached mirrors
• Remove lamp shades
• Unplug electrical items
• Unhook washer / dryer / water lines to refrigerator
• Remove adjustable shelving in china cabinets
• Keep boxes stackable
• Do not over pack
Anything that you can do to prepare an item where it is ready to go out of the door the faster we can load, unload the cheaper your bill!
Request an estimate from us to learn more about our moving services.