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Short Moves Inc

Consign and move all at the same time!

Have your garage sales and estate sales, and after all that if you still have items left on move day, send it back to Consignment House!

Help cut down the cost of your move by selling us your used furniture, antiques and any other items you don't want to take with you. Just let us know before your move what items you would like to consign and we will load them on our truck and bring them to our shop to sell for you. You can avoid additional costs by doing this while our crew is there doing your move. Utilizing our consignment store is a safer and easier method than trying to sell your items on Ebay or Craig's List. Contact us for more information.

Looking For Furniture?

Looking for furniture for your new home or apartment? Check out our sister company, Consignment House. Any purchased furniture will be delivered for FREE if it is done during your move.
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